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26 July 2020

National Commission for Regulatory Improvement 20th Anniversary

Mexico: National Commission for Regulatory Improvement 20th Anniversary, 26 July 2020. Images from Servicio Postal Mexicanos Filatelia.

Technical Specifications:

Name: 20th Anniversary of the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement
Price: $ 7.00 Pesos $ 0.36 USD
Issue Date: 07/26/2020
Paper: Matte white couché, one side gummed 110 gms./m2
Designer: P. de la Fuente / E. Miguel
Colors: Multicolor
Printing: Offset lithography
Print Run: 100,000

Mexico’s federal regulatory improvement programme aims not only to produce higher quality regulations that  achieve legitimate goals at the least possible cost, but also to instill a process through which regulatory decisions are taken on the basis of careful analysis, transparency and public consultation.

The focus of the programme, which began in 1989, has evolved from ad hoc deregulation to the consolidation of a system of regulatory management through reforms to the Federal Administrative Procedures Law (LFPA) in April 2000.

Two basic elements were established by those reforms in order to consolidate the regulatory improvement system. First, the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission (COFEMER) was created in order to co-ordinate the programme with the input of a Regulatory Improvement Council (which is comprised of business,
labor, agricultural, academic and government representatives).

COFEMER’s legal mandate is to ensure transparency in the drafting of federal regulations, and to promote the development of cost effective regulations that produce the greatest net benefit for society.

Second, all federal agencies are comprised by LFPA to elaborate and submit to COFEMER at least every two year a regulatory programme for improving the quality of their rules and regulations. The purpose of those programmes is to establish a clearly defined scheme for the activities every agency will implement about regulatory issues.

First Day Cover:

Stamp Card:

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