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30 April 2020

Our Schools

Gibraltar: Our Schools, 30 April 2020. Images from eBay and Gibraltar Stamps.

Technical Specifications:

Design: Stephen Perera
Illustration / Photography: Karl Ullger
Printer: Cartor Security Printers
Process: Offset Lithography
Colours: 4 colours
Stamp size: 50 x 30mm
Issue date: 2020-04-30
Stamp Values: 70p, 80p, £2.86, £3.46

Over the recent years the HM Government of Gibraltar has built several new state of the art schools. The schools offer top facilities and are amongst the best schools in Europe. To pay tribute to this accomplishment a set of four stamps has been designed depicting the newly launched schools: St. Anne’s School; Notre Dame School; St. Bernard’s School and Bayside-Westside Schools.

The set of stamps were specifically commissioned to a well-known Gibraltarian artist and schoolteacher, Mr Karl Ullger.

You can follow Mr Ullgers brilliant work on Facebook or Instagram

Sheets of Four Stamps Each

Presentation Pack:

First Day Cover:

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