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07 July 2020

Ancient Grimaldi Strongholds — Torigny

Monaco: Ancient Grimaldi Strongholds — Torigny, 7 July 2020. Images from Office des Timbres.

Technical Specifications:

Design and line-engraving: Yves BEAUJARD
Printing process: 4 colours steel-engraving
Size of the stamp: 40 x 31,77 mm horizontal
Quantity of issue: 40 000 stamps
Sheet of 10 stamps with illuminations

In 1715, Louise-Hippolyte Grimaldi, the eldest daughter and heir of Prince Antoine I of Monaco, married Jacques de Goyon, the Count of Matignon. Following his wife’s death, the Count was acknowledged as Jacques I, Prince of Monaco. He acted as regent until his son came of age and brought numerous titles and possessions to the House of Grimaldi, including the Castle of Torigni-sur-Vire that was the residence of the princes of Monaco in the 18th century.

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