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21 September 2020

 Panyan — The Art of Bricklaying and Masonry

Myanmar: Panyan – The Art of Bricklaying and Masonry, 21 September 2020. Image from Commonwealth Stamps Opinion Blog.

Technical Specifications:

Date of Issue: 21 September 2020
Printer: Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process: Offset Lithography
Stamp Size and Format: 30 mm x 42 mm (Vertical)
Color: 4
Perforation: 14
Denomination: K200
Sheet Composition: 50 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity: 300,000 pc
Stamp Designers: Shwe Yoe Yar, Thiha Lwin (TMH)

Pan in Burmese means flower. Analogously the ten arts are also known as ten flowers of Myanmar:

  • Panbe (the art of blacksmith)
  • Panbu (the art of sculpture)
  • Pantain (the art of gold and silversmith)
  • Pantin (the art of bronze casting)
  • Pantaut (the art of making floral designs using masonry)
  • Panyan (the art of bricklaying and masonry)
  • Pantamault (the art of sculpting with stone)
  • Panpoot (the art of turning designs on the lathe)
  • Panchi (the art of painting)
  • Panyun (the art of making lacquerware)

Panyan means the work of constructing the building with bricks, stones, and cement. The masons erect brick dwellings, stupas, bridges. Masonry in Myanmar emerged since the Pyu period in the 1st century A.D.

Amazing strength, unbeatable grandeur beauty, unbelievable details, and appropriate decorations have made this Myanmar’s traditional masonry works well-known globally. In Bagan era, this kind of art enjoyed the golden age and ancient pagodas and other religious structures from the Bagan era are the stellar examples of Myanmar’s traditional masonry works. Nowadays, you can see a variety of this great construction while taking a trip to Myanmar.

The Myanmar’s traditional masonry of Bagan period featured remarkable strength, immensity of volume, sophisticated patterns and lively figures, and the power to hold the spectators in awe which in turn makes Masonry in Baban period outstanding admiration of all the historical periods. It is a mistake if we don’t mention the masonry of the mid-Amarapura period which is also beautiful and lively, but it only ranks 2 (behind Bagan).

According to the Ko Toe Philately blog,

Just before the issue date, COVID-19 situation has worsen in Myanmar. Yangon city was put under stay-at-home order starting from 21 Sept with the notice issued one day before. To prevent the crowd at the stamp selling centers, first day cancellations were made available until 30 Sept at Yangon GPO, Mandalay GPO and Naypyidaw CTO.

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