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24 July 2020

 Panbe — The Art of Blacksmith

Myanmar: Panbe — The Art of the Blacksmith, 24 July 2020. Image from Commonwealth Stamps Opinion Blog.

Technical Specifications:

Date of Issue: 24 July 2020
Printer: Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process: Offset Lithography
Stamp Size and Format: 30 mm x 42 mm (Vertical)
Color: 4
Perforation: 14
Denomination: K200
Sheet Composition: 50 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity: 300,000 pc
Stamp Designers: Shwe Yoe Yar, Thiha Lwin (TMH)

Total of 3400 official First Day Covers were produced.

Pan in Burmese means flower. Analogously the ten arts are also known as ten flowers of Myanmar. As the first stamp of the series, the stamp of Panbe is on sale on 24 Jul 2020.

The 10 arts of Myanmar:

  • Panbe (the art of blacksmith)
  • Panbu (the art of sculpture)
  • Pantain (the art of gold and silversmith)
  • Pantin (the art of bronze casting)
  • Pantaut (the art of making floral designs using masonry)
  • Panyan (the art of bricklaying and masonry)
  • Pantamault (the art of sculpting with stone)
  • Panpoot (the art of turning designs on the lathe)
  • Panchi (the art of painting)
  • Panyun (the art of making lacquerware)

Panbe is the tempering of iron in the furnace to make necessary items. The artisans make ox cart axle, ox cart iron, tyre, scissors, hammer, adze, pickaxe, knife, hatchet, axe, digging hoe and mattock. The Myanmar’s traditional blacksmith craft emerged in the early of Bagan period (11th century A.D)

It had improved in the mid Bagan Inwa and Yadanapon period. Myanmar’s traditional blacksmith craft, from Inlay region were famous in the Yadanapon period. Many types of blacksmith craft articles are invaluable, such as military armour, weapons, file, pickaxe, mattock, hoe sword, etc. The Myanmar’s traditional blacksmith craft is very famous in the South East Asia and constitute one of the artistic wonders of the world. Here are some more of the Myanmar Arts not categorised in the above 10 Flowers.

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