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28 October 2020

Christmas — Santa’s Visit 2020

Alderney: Christmas – Santa’s Visit, 28 October 2020. Images from .

Technical Specifications:

Date of Issue: 28 October 2020
Designer: Steve Winstanley
Printer: Southern Colour Print
Values: 45p, 50p, 68p, 70p, 85p, 70p, 85p, 95p, £1.02
Process: Offset Lithography
Stamp Size: 30mm deep x 40mm wide
Paper: NovaStamp Non-Phosphor Gummed 105gsm
Sheet: 10
Perforation: 13.33 x 13.33
Cylinder: A

Santa likes to make an appearance on Victoria Street, handing out gifts to every child on the Island.

Meanwhile it has become a Christmas tradition to join him and his helpers and ride the “Santa Special” as the two 1959 London Northern Line Tube cars are pulled and pushed by ‘Elizabeth’, the diesel locomotive along the only working railway in the Channel Islands.

45p Stamp: Blonde Hedgehog and Snowman
50p Stamp: Heading for Alderney
68p Stamp: Flying around Mannez Lighthouse
70p Stamp: Selfie by telephone box and Post box
85p Stamp: Visiting Bonne Terre Watermill
95p Stamp: Driving the Alderney Train
£1.02 Stamp: Leaving St Anne’s Church

Sheets of 10 Stamps Each:

Presentation Pack:

First Day Cover:

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