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The stamp issuing programme for 2020 was announced by Åland Post in early November 2019.


23 October 2020

Christmas Seals 2020

Åland: Christmas Seals 2020, 23 October 2020. Images from Åland Post.

Technical Specifications:

DESIGN: Alexander Lindén
DATE OF ISSUE: 23.10.2020
DESCRIPTION: This year’s Christmas seals complement the Christmas stamps and tempt you with treats associated with Åland Christmas. Funds from the sale of Christmas seals are granted to non-profit associations and relief activities in Åland. This year, you can influence which organization receives the proceeds. Information about how to do so is listed on the back of the sheet. Enjoy this year’s Christmas treats with a clear conscience. Christmas seals are decorative seals for cards and parcels. They are sold in sheets of 20 self-adhesive seals. PLEASE NOTE! DELIVERY AFTER DATE OF ISSUE

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