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01 October 2020

Thank You, Fight COVID-19

Spain: Thank You, COVID-19 Souvenir Sheet, ATM Labels, Pre-Paid Postal Card; 1 October 2020. Images from Correos.

Technical Specifications:

Emission: COVID-19
Release date: October 1, 2020
Printing procedure: offset
Security: Stumping, perforations, phosphorescent
Stamp Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm (horizontal)
Perforations: 13 3/4 horizontal and 13 1/4 vertical
Souvenir Sheet Size: 150 x 104.5 mm
Postal value of the souvenir sheet: €5
Quantity Printed: 140,000 Souvenir Sheets

Correos wants to honor all those who have fought and continue to fight COVID-19 with this special broadcast.

The background of the souvenir sheet is illustrated with the image of several healthcare workers and a patient. The postage stamp is illustrated by the image of the joined hands of medical professional and patient.

What is a souvenir sheet, and how is it different from a normal stamp?

Considering that the normal stamp has only the surface occupied by the stamp, the souvenir sheet is an illustrated surface where one or more stamps can appear, so its dimension will be larger, occupying the stamp’s own and the rest of the sheet and, its sizes and shapes can be very varied.

A curious fact that also differentiates the stamp and souvenir sheet, is that in the first cannot appear living characters, but in the environment of the stamp on the sheet yes.

Souvenir Sheet:

Souvenir Sheet First Day Cover:

Pre-Paid Postal Card:

Issue date: 01/10/2020
Size of the card: 160 x 110 mm
Printing: Offset
PVP: 6€ + IVA


«Tarjeta del Correo » denominada “COVID-19”

El día 1 de octubre de 2020 se emite una tarjeta prefranqueada denominada “COVID-19”. La tarjeta está ilustrada en su reverso con la imagen de unas manos estrechadas y el lema “Esta tarjeta es darnos la mano para estar unidos”. El signo de franqueo, en el anverso, reproduce el sello de correo de la emisión especial “COVID-19”.

«Postal Card» called “COVID-19”

On October 1, 2020, a pre-paid card called “COVID-19” is issued. The back of the card is illustrated with the image of clasped hands and the motto “This card is to shake hands to be united”. The postage sign, on the obverse, reproduces the postage stamp of the special issue “COVID-19”.

ATM Postage Labels:

Technical Specifications:

Place: CCP Lobby Chamartín – Avda. Pio XII, 108 – 28036 Madrid
Printing Process: Thermal
Size: 55 x 25 mm
Type: Self-adhesive
Print run: Unlimited
P.V.P .: Possible rates: A – A2 – B – C +
Issue date: 10/01/2020
Marketing end date: 10/27/2020


2020 will be widely remembered by Covid-19 (infectious disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus). Correos wanted to make an ATM with a clear message: THANK YOU to all those people who for their professions have been treating the sick, in pharmacies, supermarkets, all the staff of hospitals, state bodies and security, postmen and a long etc. who have been fighting the virus during these months. Also to remember the custom that settled in most homes during the alarm state to go on sale to applaud all those essential workers at 20:00 in the afternoon.

This label will be available from October 1st to 27th.

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