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01 September 2020

First Albanian School in Stubëll

Kosovo: First Albanian School in Stubell, 1 September 2020. Images from Filatelia.

Technical Specifications:

Nominal Values: €2.10
Size of Stamp (mm): 43 x 32 mm
Sheet mint: 4 ps
Printing: Offset
Paper: 102 gsm
Printing House: G.E. “Biendi”
Postage stamp designer: L. Ademi
First Day Postmark: Prishtinë
Launching Date: 02.09.2020
Quantity: 7,000

The First Albanian School in Stubëll

We find the roots of our national education and schooling since ancient times.  However, in the history of the development of Albanian schools and our national education as a starting point is taken then Albanian school known as the St. Luke’s College, in the village of Stubëll of Viti, which has a centuries old tradition, starting in 1584 (XVI century).

This hearth of knowledge due to the activity in the field of raising national and intellectual consciousness, in 1905, began to be led by the teacher, Dom Mikel Tarabulluzi.

The school continued to be strengthened and enriched, especially in the period of the Albanian National Renaissance, when in some well known centers of Kosovo, such as Prizren, Peja, Gjakova, Zym, Janjevo, and Stubëll, near the Catholic Churches, Albanian schools will be opened and reopened, becoming real centers not only of education and upbringing, but also of our national movement.

The strong will and ardent desire to learn the Albanian language both by patriots and by the broad masses, regardless of religion, met with great support everywhere.  In 1909, many schools were opened where the  opening of these school was done by distributing primers and books in the Albanian language.  Special merits for the opening of these schools had Hasan Pristhima with many others, who fought to bring to light the Albanian language after many centuries, the revival of national consciousness that raised the great hope that even the Albanians as a particular nation and one of the oldest in the Balkans, through education in the Albanian language will rise to the highest peaks of progress and freedom.

Therefore, in honor of this bright hearth of knowledge, Philately of the Post of Kosovo on 1st September 2020 will issue a new edition of postage stamps “The first Albanian school in Stubëll”.

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