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24 July 2020

Les lapins crétins (booklet stamps)

France: Les lapins crétins (booklet stamps), 24 July 2020. Images from Phil-Ouest.

Technical Specifications:

Issue Date: Friday, July 24, 2020
Illustrated obliteration 1st day Paris (75) at Le Carré d’Encre, from 10am to 1pm and from 2.30pm to 5pm at Carré d’Encre, 13 bis rue des Mathurins, 75009 PARIS (entrance by 42 rue Godot de Mauroy, closed on Monday).
General sale on Monday, July 27, 2020 Info
Face value: €11.64 See fares as of July 27, 2020
Postage of 12 green letters up to 20g for France, Monaco, Andorra and postal sectors (army)
Stamp book – Serration : 11
Total dimensions: 256×54 mm
Printed in heliography
Issued to 3,000,000 copies

Illustration Thitaume – Thomas Priou – MistaBlatte, layout Youz © Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights reserved. Rabbids, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are registered trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment
© THE POSTE – Augmented reality via SnapPress powered by ARGO

Raving Rabbids, known in France as Lapins crétins (Moronic Rabbits) and in Italy simply as Rabbids, is a video game franchise spin-off from the Rayman series. The series focuses on wild rabbit-like creatures known as Rabbids, who like to cause havoc and mischief, speak gibberish and scream whenever they experience adrenaline rushes. The series consists mainly of party video games, though other genres have been explored as well.

Though they were initially introduced as antagonists in the Rayman series of games, the popularity of the characters, aided by various viral videos and media appearances, led Raving Rabbids to become its own separate franchise, dropping the Rayman name as of 2009’s Rabbids Go Home. The Rabbids have gone on to appear in other expanded media, such as a TV show and a feature film currently in development, as well as making guest appearances in other Ubisoft games. As of April 2014, the series had sold over 14 million units worldwide.

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