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28 September 2020

Provincial Electricity Authority 60th Anniversary

Thailand: Provincial Electricity Authority 60th Anniversary, 28 September 2020. Images from private collection.

Technical Specifications:

TH-1198. The 60th Anniversary of Provincial Electricity Authority
First day of sale: 28 September 2563
Type: 3.00 baht
Printing number: 500,000 stamps
Size: 48 x 30 mm (Horizontal)
PHOTOS: Provincial Electric Headquarters include Building 1, L.D. and Building 50 assembled 60 year badge, Provincial Electricity.
Designer: Mr. Udon Thani Thammarat (Thai Post Office Ltd)
Printer: TBSP Public Company Limited
Printing Method: Multi-color offset lithography
Number of stamps per sheet: 10
First day cover price: 12.00 baht.

1198. ตราไปรษณียากรที่ระลึกครบรอบ 60 ปี การไฟฟ้าส่วนภูมิภาค
วันแรกจำหน่าย : 28 กันยายน 2563
ชนิดราคา : 3.00 บาท
จำนวนพิมพ์ : 500,000 ดวง
ขนาด : 48 x 30 มม. (แนวนอน)
ภาพ : อาคารสำนักงานใหญ่การไฟฟ้าส่วนภูมิภาค ได้แก่ อาคาร 1 อาคารแอลอีดี และอาคาร 50 ประกอบตราสัญลักษณ์ 60 ปี การไฟฟ้าส่วนภูมิภาค
ผู้ออกแบบ : นายอุดร นิยมธรรม (บริษัท ไปรษณีย์ไทย จำกัด)
บริษัทผู้พิมพ์ : ทีบีเอสพี จำกัด (มหาชน)
วิธีการพิมพ์และสี : ลิโธกราฟี่ – หลายสี
จำนวนดวงในแผ่น : 10 ดวง
ซองวันแรกจำหน่าย : 12.00 บาท

The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is a government enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. PEA was founded as an individual organization under the Royal Decree issued on 6 March 1954 and announced in the Royal Thai Government Gazette on 16 March 1954. The Board of Directors was appointed to control and manage under the Department of Public and Municipal Works, Ministry of Interior, and the government with the Minister of Interior holding general governing authority. Provincial Electricity Organization has legal capital of 5 million Baht with 117 electricity authorities under its purview. Subsequently, Provincial Electricity Authority was established under Provincial Electricity Authority Act of B.E. 2503 (1960) on 28 September 1960 and inherited ongoing missions from the Provincial Electricity Organization.

Road to PEA Digital Utility

The Provincial Electricity Authority transforms the organization into PEA Digital Utility. Management and Organisation Development Guidelines are carrying out under the KEEN14 Policy, namely : “Keep Improving Existing Business, Enhance New Business, Employ Innovation and Technology, and Nourish Human Resource”. The key compliance is comprised of 14 strategic practices covering essential operations in each department, including organization and grid system development, new business development, innovation and digital technology, human resource development under Good Corporate Governance, and sustainability build to fulfill customers’ and market requirements, ready to move towards the Digital Utility era.

The PEA is opening a new chapter of challenges associated with changes in technology and government policy that cause significant impact in the electricity industrial structure. PEA is committed to adopting these changes by evolving into an electricity business aiming to be excellent in the Electrical Energy Business , meet the expectations of the customers and contribute values to the society and environment by using digital technology , in order to take PEA down the road to becoming “PEA Digital Utility”.

Full Sheet of 10 Stamps:

First Day Cover:


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