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Vatican City

10 September 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 (Aerogramme)

Vatican City: Coronavirus COVID-19 (Aerogramme), 10 September 2020. Images from VarrariNews.

Machine-translated from VaccariNews report dated 3 September 2020:

Coronavirus: Aerogram from St. Peter’s Square
It will arrive on 10 September, along with four other issues: Apostolate of the Sea, Efrem the Siro, diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Ivory Coast, a special year dedicated to the encyclical “Laudato si'”

Cancellation (available at the Bells also on September 11th)…

The Vatican also provides a value card, to be precise an aerogram of 2.40 euros, concerning the COVID-19. It will arrive on September 10th printed in fourteen thousand specimens. Due to Marco Ventura, he proposes in the postage footprint some molecules of the virus neutralized by the expected vaccine. The left side instead shows a doctor, a nurse and a priest as they assist and care for a sick person, “in memory and in honor of the sacrifice of those who died on duty to care for people with coronavirus.” The image is inspired by the phrase of Pope Francis uttered on April 5, Palm Sunday: “Dear friends, look at the true heroes, who these days come to light: they are not those who have fame, money and success, but those who give themselves to serve others”.

Four more issues will debut on the same day; (stamps 1.10 and 1.15 in leaflet), Efrem the Siro (1.15), diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Ivory Coast (2.40), the special year dedicated to the encyclical “Laudato si'” (postcards from 1.10, 1.15, 2.40, 3.00).

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