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Vatican City

10 September 2020

Apostolate of the Sea

Vatican City: Apostolate of the Sea, 10 September 2020. Images from VaccariNews.

Machine-translated from VaccariNews report dated 4 September 2020:

Support for Sailors and Fishermen
Seen by the Catholic Church, it is called the Apostolate of the Sea and has reached the century of commitment. Hence the leafleted emission

On 4 October 1920, when in Glasgow (United Kingdom) a group of people decided to merge in a single work the activity of assistance to seafarers, fishermen and their families, activities until then carried out by various church organizations. He’s the Apostolate of the sea. Currently, the references, located in more than three hundred ports in fifty-five countries, welcome hundreds of travelers every day offering them “a home away from home”.

For the century, the Vatican has programmed a leaflet, pulled in forty-five thousand copies and containing two stamps with different nominals (unhappy choice since it in fact hinders its postal use); cost 1.10 and 1.15 euros.

The image is by Stefano Morri and recalls the “former votes”: the lower cut shows a boat with three individuals who, worried about the storm, invoke Our Lady, represented in the second tooth through the iconography of the “Stella maris”. The logo of the structure is added, then resumed in the cancellation of the first day. The latter is available, as well as by mail, at the post office located at the bell arch, on the 10th (moment of debut) and 11 September.

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