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03 August 2020

Singapore Mascots

Singapore: Singapore Mascots, 3 August 2020. Images from SingPost.

Technical Specifications:

Date of Issue : 03 August 2020
Denominations : 1st Local x 3 designs, 70₵ x 2 designs
Stamp Size : 29.85mm x 40.8mm
Perforation : 13
Paper : Unwatermarked
Printing Process : Offset Lithography
Printer : Secura Singapore Pte Ltd
Sheet Content : 10 stamps per sheet
Designer : Lim Wenbin ( Pinch Design Pte Ltd)

In support of the SG Cares Movement, our national movement to foster a more caring and inclusive society, the Singapore Mascots stamp issue features five iconic mascots representing a unique aspect of Singapore’s spirit of inclusion, compassion and kindness from the heart. This series brings together Nila (advocating active sports), Sharity (advocating caring and sharing), Singa (advocating kindness), Captain Green (advocating caring for the environment) and Water Wally (championing water conservation).

SG Cares is a national movement dedicated to guide and support the goodwill of all who live in Singapore to better help those in need. Giving and kindness can take many forms; spontaneous, informal or organised. From daily acts of kindness to volunteering together with friends, colleagues, neighbours and others – every action matters. Together, we can all play a part, big and small, to make Singapore a more caring and inclusive home for all.

SG Cares came about after the SGfuture engagement sessions that took place earlier this year. From the sessions, many concerned Singaporeans expressed their desire to do more for individuals and their families that need help. SG Cares hopes to find a way to harness the immense goodwill of Singaporeans and all who live in Singapore to better address society’s needs.

Press Release:

27 JUL 2020

SingPost resumes 2020 Stamps Programme in August with two stamp issue launches

Singapore, 27 July 2020 – Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) will resume the 2020 National Stamps Programme from August 2020, starting with two stamp issues to be launched in the first week of August.
The National Stamp Programme was earlier suspended during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period, in line with Singapore’s measures to combat the community spread of COVID-19.

The two stamp issues to be launched in August are: the Singapore Mascots stamp issue on 3 August 2020, and Quirks in the Island City stamp issue on 7 August 2020.

The launch dates of the stamp issues for the rest of the year will be announced at a later date.

Singapore Mascots

In support of the SG Cares Movement, aimed at fostering a more caring and inclusive society, the Singapore Mascots stamp issue will feature five iconic mascots representing a unique aspect of Singapore’s spirit of inclusion, compassion and kindness.

This series of five stamps will feature the following popular national icons:

  • Nila, Sport Singapore’s lion mascot advocating active sports
  • Sharity Elephant, Community Chest’s mascot advocating caring and sharing,
  • Singa the Lion, Singapore’s advocate for kindness
  • Captain Green, the frog that encourages Singaporeans to adopt a clean and green lifestyle, and
  • Water Wally, the champion for water conservation

The stamps (valued at 30 cents or 70 cents each), Pre-cancelled First Day Covers (S$3.75) and Presentation Packs (S$4.80) will go on sale from 3 August 2020 at all post offices, Philatelic Stores and online at, while stocks last.

10 Iconic Singaporean Mascots And What They’re Up To Now

From saving water to being kind to your neighbors, these giant plushie-like characters were often there to as part of a campaign to spread a message to young kids.

Today, mascots are also used at international events to to hype the crowd up. Mascots are popular with not just the young ones, but big babies adults too.

Gear up for a trip down memory lane and see how many of these mascots you still recognise.

1st Local: Singa, The Courtesy Lion

Singa is the most well-known mascot in Singapore for many of us. The original lion encouraged people to be kind and considerate to one another. I remember once seeing Singa walking around my primary school. I ran excitedly to say hello. But he didn’t respond because you know, he can’t talk.

In 2001, Singa joined the Singapore Kindness Movement before leaving dramatically in 2013. He wrote an open letter saying he was “too tired to continue facing an increasingly angry and disagreeable society.”

Sassy or what.

70c: Captain Green

This mascot helped Singapore to be the garden city that it boasts itself to be today. I spent a lot of time colouring the cute little green frog back in school so imagine my dismay when i discovered that Captain Green decided to bulk up into superhero form in 1997.

Thankfully, he decided to ditch his superhero ambitions and is back to his original form.

1st Local: Sharity Elephant

A long time back, I remember getting excited every time I received the Sharity Elephant donation envelopes during Children’s Day. Donating got me into the idea of giving what I could to those who had less. It was was a chance to help make someone’s Children’s Day special.

Sharity Elephant was later adopted by Community Chest to encourage people to donate. Whenever Sharity was happy, it was said that his heart would grow and lift him into the sky.

Today, Sharity is still going around, making a difference to people’s lives.

70c: Water Wally

Water Wally is a bright blue water droplet that released from the tap in 2005 to help spread the message of water conservation. He has his own animated series but its probably most known for the unintentionally pervy music video where he watches a kid shower.

1st Local: Nila

This one you probably cannot forget, yet.

Nila was first created during the 2012’s Singapore National Games and went on to become the mascot for the on-going 28th SEA Games in Singapore. Here is a fun fact; the Nila plush toys that are presented to the winners during the medal ceremony are custom-made by members of the community. So each one is truly unique!

From flying into the stadium during the Opening Ceremony entrance to being able to play all 36 sports from the games, the lion mascot has captured our hearts and the wallets of SEA Games fans who are busy queuing for merchandise. I don’t doubt for a second why. Nila’s puppy eyes are just too adorable.

Presentation Pack:

First Day Cover:

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