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26 August 2020

Fight Against COVID-19 in Colombia

Colombia: Fight Against COVID-19 in Colombia, 26 August 2020. Images from Filatelia,

Technical Specifications:

Issue Date: 08/26/2020
Presentation: Numbered sheet of 6 stamps
Size: sheet 10×11.5 cms
Presentation: Sheet 9 stamps
Size: 30X40 mm
Reasons: One
Resolution: 1228 of the MIN TIC

By purchasing the stamps, you are contributing to the Computadores para Educar program, which promotes educational innovation with digital technologies that allow many children and young people to continue studying.

Select the stamp package of your choice to make the purchase.

The sheet of 6 is 60,000 (USD $15.78) and the sheet of 9 is 90,000 COP (USD $23.66). A special presentation pack is also available at 1,000,000 COP (USD $262.01).


Special Presentation Pack:

First Day Cover:

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