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28 February 2020

30th Anniversary of the Entry Into Force of the Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention

Monaco: Anti-Doping Convention 30th Anniversary, 28 February 2020. Images from Office des Timbres.

Technical Specifications:

Layout: Créaphil
Printing process: Offset
Size of the stamp: 40,85 x 30 mm horizontal
Quantity of issue: 40 000 stamps
Sheet of 10 stamps with illuminations

The Council of Europe Anti-Doping Convention was signed in 1989 and entered into force on 1 March 1990. The Monegasque Anti-Doping Committee carries out essential prevention and monitoring efforts to ensure that sporting competitions remain ethical. Working in close cooperation with the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Monegasque body is a key player in promoting the fundamental values of sport.

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