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06 January 2020

Coat of Arms (Definitive Stamp)

Monaco: Coat of Arms Definitive, 6 January 2020. Images from Office des Timbres.

Technical Specifications:

Layout: Créaphil
Part: First semester
Size of the stamps: 26 x 31 mm vertical
Year: 2020
Printing process: Heliogravure
Size of the booklet: 143 x 72 mm
Quantity of issue: 200 000 booklets

This booklet is composed of 10 indivisible self adhesive stamps with a permanent unit value corresponding to the postage price of a 20 gram letter for France (first class postage rate). It replaces the red booklet issued on 17 September 2014. Simply apply the number of stamps that correspond to the weight of the letter : one stamp for mail weighing less than 20 g, two stamps for an item weighing between 20g and 100g, four stamps for items weighing between 100 g and 250 g, six stamps for items weighing between 250 g and 500 g, eight stamps beyond 500 g (up to 3 kg).

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