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Great Britain

28 May 2020

Coronation Street 60th Anniversary

Great Britain: Coronation Street 60th Anniversary, 28 May 2020. Images from Royal Mail.

Technical Specifications:

Stamp format: Landscape
Stamp size: 41mm x 30mm
Design: The Chase
Number per sheet: 30/60
Printer: International Security Printers
Print process: Lithography
Perforations: 14.5 x 14
Phosphor Bars: as appropriate
Gum: PVA

A collection of eight Special Stamps celebrating 60 years of the nation’s favourite soap.

The stamps star some of Coronation Street’s most loved residents – from classic couples to modern-day duos.

Each image features a quote capturing the essence of the characters’ connection – from loving partnership to love-hate relationship!

Includes two Second Class stamps, two First Class stamps, two £1.42 stamps and two £1.63 stamps.

Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner. Second Class

Stan and Hilda Ogden. Second Class

Vera and Jack Duckworth. First Class

Deirdre and Ken Barlow. First Class

Rita Sullivan and Norris Cole. £1.42

Hayley and Roy Cropper. £1.42

Sunita and Dev Alahan. £1.63

Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald. £1.63

Miniature Sheet:

From Bet Lynch to Gemma Winter, this souvenir’s a celebration of legendary bar staff and other iconic characters who’ve served Rovers’ regulars down the decades.

The Miniature Sheet features Bet, Raquel, Liz and Gemma behind the bar on two First Class and two £1.42 stamps.

Stamp format: Portrait
Stamp size: 27mm x 36mm
Design: The Chase
Sheet size: 146mm x 74mm
Printer: International Security Printers
Print process: Lithography
Perforations: 14 x 14
Phosphor Bars: as appropriate
Gum: PVA

Presentation Pack:

Read all about it! This very special edition of The Weatherfield Gazette is packed full of exclusive articles and images covering some of our most famous street’s most dramatic moments.

Recall shocking events that shook the nation ­– such as the 2010 tram crash and Gail’s murder charge.

Your Presentation Pack contains all eight Special Stamps starring much-loved characters and the four Miniature Sheet stamps featuring Rovers Return favourites.

A lonely-hearts column, a crime-spotters section and a crossword make this a real treat for Coronation Street fans and collectors.

First Day Covers:

The First Day Cover envelope depicts the iconic Coronation Street logo beneath the wall-mounted flying ducks that were the backdrop to many dramatic and comedic living room scenes featuring Stan and Hilda.

An illustrated information card recalls the colourful characters and award-winning storylines that have contributed to Coronation Street’s enduring success.

The postmark’s location is Salford, home of the Coronation Street studios. It features the official Coronation Street logo with a brick wall backdrop.

Due to the current situation with Covid-19, Royal Mail will be extending all postmarking facilities and First Day Covers will be on sale until further notice for all customers.

Collectors’ Sheet:

Five First Class Jack and Vera Special Stamps appear alongside images from across a quarter of a century of romantic moments and entertaining escapades.

Five First Class Ken and Deirdre Special Stamps include labels depicting some of their most tragic and touching episodes.

The stamps are set against a backdrop of the famous Coronation Street cobbles and the soap’s official logo.

1st Class Retail Stamp Booklet:

Jack and Vera appear in a joyous scene above a quote reflecting their relationship.

The long-suffering Barlows feature in a dramatic image of Deirdre urging Ken to ‘Do something!’.

The two First Class Special Stamps are set against a brick wall backdrop on either side of four First Class Definitives.

PHQ Cards:

This set of 13 postcards, includes enlarged images of all eight Special Stamps, the four Rovers Return stamps and a composite Miniature Sheet.

Perfect to collect, frame or send to soap-loving friends and family.

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