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03 July 2020

Archaeology in Andorra — L’Orri del Cubil

French Andorra: Archaeology in Andorra — L’Orri del Cubil, 3 July 2020. Images from La Poste.

Technical Specifications:

Issue date: 04/07/2020
Author: LUQUET Eve
Number of stamps per sheet: 20
Printing technique: Offset
Size: 52 X 40.85
Creation and engraving: Eve Luquet, d’ap. photo © commune of Encamp. Afficher moins d’informations

Andorra – L”Orri del Cubil
In the artistic series dedicated to archaeological remains in Andorra, the site L’Orri del Cubil follows in 2020 the objects of the site of the Margineda. An orri is an old herd guard facility in the high and middle Ariegean or Catalan mountains, having been used to milk sheep or goats. The word is of Latin origin, cubile means “sleeping.” The orri del Cubil, is located on Lake Cubil, at 2,031 meters above sea level, in the parish of Encamp. It is a wetland of great floral interest, with a floating flora. After the excavations of 2008-2009 and the reconstruction that followed, it was determined that its origin may date back to the 18th century. The orri is a construction made with the dry stone technique, which consists of assembling the stones without any binding that unites them. It consisted of two shepherd’s huts (the cabana del pastor); a circular area surrounded by dry stone walls to keep the herd (the pleta); a narrow corridor of stones allowing the shepherd to milk his animals more easily (the munyidora); a small circular room, accessible by a low entrance and a long corridor, in which cheese was made and preserved (el orri “sensu stricto”); an enclosure to enclose cattle that did not breed (el corralet).
This stamp is only valid from the Principality of Andorra.

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