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08 July 2020

Brazil: Fighting COVID-19, 8 July 2020. Images from Correios Brasil and Facebook,

Technical Specifications:

Issued on: 2020-07-08
Stamp issue N. 8
Art: Alan Magalhães
Colors: Multicolor
Format: Miniature Sheet
Size of Stamp: 200 x 150 mm
Size of Sheet: 200 x 150mm
Perforation: 11½
Printing: Offset lithography
Paper: gummed chalky paper
Face value: miniature sheet of 6 x R$2.05
Places of issue: Brasília/DF, Belo Horizonte/MG and Fortaleza/CE
Printing Comapny: Brazilian Mint
Print run: 60,000

Orders can be sent to the following address:

Distance Sales Office – Av.
Presidente Vargas, 3.077 – 23º andar,
20210-973 – Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil.
Telephones 55 21 2503 8095/8096;
For payment send authorization for charging to credit cards Visa or Mastercard, or international postal
money order (for countries with which Correios Brasil has signed agreements).
Code: 852101210

About the Souvenir Sheet

The art of the souvenir sheet has the world map applied on the blue and green background, colors that refer to calm and hope. At the top are figurative elements in the form of the Coronavirus. Motivational phrases are written on the vignette. The postage stamps are illustrated by detailed elements that represent the six topics covered: media, main symptoms of COVID-19, essential services, health professionals, science and technology and intensive care units. The center of the vignette illustrates civil society and contains pictograms with some recommendations for conduct during the pandemic. At the bottom of the vignette, other pictograms complementing recommendations and precautions. Finally, the phrase “Be aware, be responsible, be supportive” is inserted at the base of the souvenir sheet, marking the moment when this issue is being launched. Vector illustration technique was used.

Means of Communication

Fighting COVID-19

For almost 360 years Brazil counts on Correios Brazil in any situation. At the moment when the world comes together to face a global threat, it would be no different: even in the midst of the pandemic, mail carriers continue to cross the streets around the country.

And due to their presence when Brazilians need it most, through a network of branches throughout the country, that on March 20, 2020, the Federal Government recognized postal services as essential. The logistics of the coronavirus viral material, the distribution of medication, the support to the entrepreneurs with e-commerce solutions, the free registration to receive emergency assistance, in addition to the delivery of letters and orders, everything passes through the company.

To reaffirm the commitment to help fight the virus, Correios Brazil, in partnership with PAHO / WHO, launched six postage stamps with the design linked to Fighting COVID-19. Our mission is to bring Brazilians closer to everything that is essential – and access to information is also a way to overcome the pandemic.

Main Symptoms of COVID-19

On December 31, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) as alerted to several cases of pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, in the People’s Republic of China. It was a new strain (type) of coronavirus that had not been identified in humans before.

When this new coronavirus, responsible for causing COVID-19 disease, started to spread around the world, WHO declared on January 30, 2020 that the situation constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Importance – the highest level of alert foreseen in International Health Regulations.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness and dry cough. Some patients may experience pain, nasal congestion, headache, conjunctivitis, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, skin-rash or discoloration of the fingers or toes. Most people have mild symptoms and recover from the disease without needing hospital treatment, but anyone can get COVID-19 and develop serious health problems.

Essential Service Workers

Measures to protect oneself and others are simple and effective: wash hands often with soap and water or gel alcohol, avoid touching face and cover mouth with forearm when coughing or sneezing (or use a disposable tissue and, after coughing / sneezing, throw it in the ash and wash hands immediately).

It is also important to be at least one to two meters away from other people. That’s because the virus is spread through droplets fom the nose or mouth when a person infected with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks. Human-to-human transmission occurs when someone breathes in the droplets from a person infected with the virus.

To respond effectively to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and WHO are providing technical support to countries. In Brazil, actions include collaboration with the efforts of national, state and municipal authorities, especially the Ministry of Health. Among them, the support for increasing the
capacity for surveillance and diagnosis, strengthening the tracking of contacts of people infected with coronavirus, making decisions on tightening or loosening social distancing measures, sharing the most recent and innovative scientific evidence and promoting mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Care Workers

Another essential measure is the fight against infodemia – that is, the excess of information (some accurate and some not) about a problem, which makes it difficult to identify reliable sources and guidelines. During a public health emergency, infodemias can spread wrong or false information and rumors. They can also impair an effective response, as well as create confusion and distrust among people in solutions or guidelines for preventing an illness.

The issuance by Correios Brazil of six informative postage stamps on COVID-19, in partnership with PAHO, is an initiative that contributed to combat the disease. By means of simple drawings, the material highlights the recommendations for keeping healthy, such as: cleaning hands and personal objects (such as cell phones), staying at home if possible, avoiding agglomerations and physical contact, keeping the environment fresh and sharing personal objects (such as plates and cutlery) or self-medication.

Science and Technology

The images also highlight the importance of science and technology, especially during the pandemic. The virus is new and human beings have no natural immunity to protect themselves. Therefore, scientific research is essential for the development of a vaccine against COVID-19 and the identification or creation of effective drugs to treat patients and save lives.

Another point highlighted in the drawings is the fundamental role that health professionals and other essential services have in maintaining life and ensuring cleanliness, safety, nutrition as well as timely delivery of products and food.

In addition, the postage stamps call attention to the need to be aware, responsible and united in the fight against COVID-19. This is a key message, because no one will be safe from this virus until everyone is safe. If everyone does their part, we will win COVID-19.

Intensive Care Units

Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization

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