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01 June 2020

Seasonal Variations

Belarus: Seasonal Variations, 1 June 2020. Images from eBay and Belpost.

Technical Specifications:

Issued on: 2020-06-01
Artist: Alexander Mityanin
Design: Marina Yurchik
Print process: Offset lithography
Color: Multicolored
Paper: Chalk-surfaced, gummed
Perforations: comb 12¾
Stamps size: 37,2×37,2 mm
Each 2 stamps were printed in one joint sheet
Sheets composition: 6 (3+3) stamps.
Sheets size: 104×137 mm
Print quantity: 48.000 stamps each.
Printer: Republican Unitary Enterprise “Bobruisk Integrated Printing House named after A.T.Nepogodin”.

On June 01, 2020 the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus will issue six postage stamps of the series “Seasonal Variations”.

Mountain Hare A, N

Номер каталога: 1348, 1349

Least Weasel N, M

Номер каталога: 1350, 1351

Willow Ptarmigan M, H

Номер каталога: 1352, 1353


A sheetlet is also issued. Sheetlet composition: 6 (1 set) stamps. Sheetlet size: 104×137 mm. Print quantity: 15.000 sheetlets.

Seasonal variations (1348, 1349, 1350, 1351, 1352, 1353)
Номер каталога: 10001348

ace value A is equal to the tariff of a letter up to 20 gram within Belarus.
Face value N is equal to the surface tariff of a postcard abroad.
Face value M is equal to the air-mail tariff of a postcard abroad.
Face value H is equal to the surface tariff of a letter up to 20 gram abroad.

Under the influence of seasonal environmental changes some animals and birds change their colour. For example, in winter the plumage of willow ptarmigans becomes almost completely white. The same happens with the fur of mountain hares, least weasels and stoats. This phenomenon allows them to hide from enemies, merging with the natural background.

First Day Covers:

Colour of the postmark – black.

Special postmark and FDC painted by A.Mityanin, designed by M.Yurchik.

A special cancellation on FDC will be carried out at the post office No.1 of Minsk (shop “Philately”, 16 Moskovskaya street) on the stamps issuing day.

Maximum Cards:

Maximum cards “Seasonal Variations” will be issued too. Artist A.Mityanin. Design by M.Yurchik.

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