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01 June 2020

Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia — Embroidery

Russia: Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia – Embroidery, 1 June 2020. Images from Marka.

Technical Specifications:

Issue № 2651-2654. Decorative and Applied Arts of Russia. Embroidery
Issue Date: 01.06.2020
Design artist: Betredinova K.
Paper: Chalk surfaced
Printing method: Offset + security system
Perforation: Comb 12:12½
Format of the Stamp:58х26,5
Edition: 180,000

From the earliest times, embroidery was used for decoration of human clothes and household articles, such as tablecloths, towels, curtains, napkins. For the peoples of Russia, embroidery was one of the most essential forms of artistry. The best embroidery artworks feature clarity, emotional frankness of expression, and high culture of lines, rhythm and color.

The postal stamps provide images of:
— Mari embroidery (XIX century).
— Tatarian embroidery (XX century).
— Chuvash embroidery (XX century).
— Karelian embroidery (XX century).

Karelian Embroidery:

Mari Embroidery:

Tatar Embroidery:

Chuvash Embroidery:


First Day Covers:

Special Folder:

Maximum Cards:

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