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04 June 2020

North Sea Canal 125th Anniversary (postal card)

Germany: North Sea Canal 125th Anniversary (postal card), 4 June 2020. Image from Deutsche Post.

Technical Specifications:

Commemorative postcard “125 Years of the North Sea Canal”
SPWz “Kiel-Holtenau” (45 cents, issue 2017) and PWz “Wiesenschaumkraut” 15 cents

Available from:04.06.2020
Occasion: “125 Years of the North Sea Canal”
Retail price: 0.75 EUR
Description of the motif: Storms, currents and shoals threatened the coastal ships of earlier times, which had to bypass the Jutland peninsula at its northern tip to reach Finland, St. Petersburg and Gdansk from England, Holland and Hamburg. For 125 years now, a canal connects the two seas from the Eider estuary on the west coast to the Kiel Fjord on the Baltic Sea. On June 3, 1887, Emperor Wilhelm I laid the foundation stone in Holtenau. Eight years later, the canal was handed over to national and international shipping and christened the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal. To this day, the 173-kilometre-long Nord-Ostsee Canal is the busiest artificial maritime route in the world.
Value impression: SPWz from the series Lighthouses “Kiel-Holtenau” (45 cents, edition 2017) and PWz permanent series Flowers “Wiesenschaumkraut” 15 cents
Nominal value: EUR 0.60
Design: Sebastian Heinicker, DPS Wermsdorf
Paper: Special case paper uncoated
Pressure: Multi-colour offset printing by Deutscher Philatelie-Service GmbH, Wermsdorf
Relation: The postal matter will be available from 04.06.2020 via the Weiden shipping centre or will be sent to subscribers with immediate or collective reference in accordance with the respective regulations.

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