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04 June 2020

Katharina Kasper Birth Anniversary Bicentenary

Germany: Katerina Kasper Birth Anniversary Bicentenary, 4 June 2020. Images from Deutsche Post.

Technical Specifications:

Wet-adhesive stamps of 1.55 EUR each in a 10-sheet, suitable for the franking of large letters up to 500 g national.
Design: Jens Müller, Dusseldorf
Motif: Portrait Katharina Kasper around 1890 with a quote from her
Value: €1.55
Format PWz: Width: 44.20 mm; Height: 26.20 mm
Format of tens: Width: 115 mm; Height: 158 mm
Arrangement PWz: 2 PWz side by side, 5 PWz among each other
Arrangement EAN code: An EAN code is placed on all four edges of the narrow marker arc side. The edges in question remain white.
Printing: Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Securities Printing Company Leipzig
Printing material and printing methods: Coated, white and fluorescent postoffice paper DP II; multi-colour offset printing
Issue: 04 June 2020

Maria Katharina Kasper (1820-1898) was a courageous and visionary woman who, in the middle of the 19th century in Dernbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, was the Catholic order “Poor Servants of Jesus Christ” (lat. Ancillae Domini of Jesus Christ, adcoded ADJC). The community with the unusual name, colloquially referred to as the “Dernbach Sisters”, was dedicated to the care of the sick and the elderly, family care, as well as the care and education of girls and orphans. Within a short time, numerous branches were established in Germany and abroad.

Today, the poor are the servants of Jesus Christ in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, and Nigeria. They are also often called to emergency areas. Maria Katharina Kasper led the Order until her death. For her many services, she was beatified by Pope Paul VI on 16 April 1978 and canonized by Pope Francis on 14 October 2018.


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