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Papua New Guinea

06 March 2020

Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna (Surcharges on 2016 Stamps)

Papua New Guinea: Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna Surcharges on 2016 Stamps, 6 March 2020. Images from Post PNG.

Technical Specifications:

STAMP SIZE: 40mm x 35mm
SHEETLET SIZE: 90mm x 120mm
DENOMINATION: K1.60, K5.00 & K6.90
FORMAT: Horizontal
COLOURS: 4 colour process
PAPER: 102gsmGUMUnwatered mark, PVA Gummed
PRINTING TECHNIQUE: Offset, Lithography
PRINTER: Star Printers
ISSUE DATE: 6th March, 2020
WITHDRAWAL DATE: 8th March, 2021

Yellowfin & Bluefin Tuna Overprint (Tuna Fishery 2016)

Post PNG as the governing administration of postage stamps in Papua New Guinea, through its Philatelic Department has release a set of over-printed postage stamps that was released in 2016 (Tuna Fishery Papua New Guinea).

The overprints of values are from Yellowfin Tuna (K1.45) overprinted with K5.00 and K6.90 value, while Bluefin Tuna (K2.00) is overprinted with K1.60 value.

Papua New Guinea has an extensive and valuable fisheries sector including deep water tuna fisheries. Tuna is the largest of fisheries in Papua New Guinea – the fishery is primarily based on the skipjack and yellowfin fish species with smaller quantities of bigeye and albacore.

Under a National Tuna Fishery Management Plan, which established the framework for longline, purse-seine, pole and line fisheries. Papua New Guinea has also embarked on onshore investments in the tuna fishery resulted in foreign and domestic access by purse-seine vessels increasingly linked to onshore investment commitment, in the form of tuna processing.

The Tuna species is found throughout the Papua New Guinea fisheries zone, especially to the north and east. As tuna is a migratory species moving from area to area depending on climatic conditions, the quantity found in the Papua New Guinea zone may vary significantly from year to year.

With ever-growing concern that yellowfin and bigeye tuna may be nearing an overfished state, consideration for potential for development for other opportunity is now focus onto aquaculture in particular other viable fisheries and aquaculture activities including; seaweed, pearls, sponges and coral.

First Day Cover:

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