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Czech Republic

16 June 2020

Josef Liesler

Czech Republic: Josef Liesler, 16 June 2020. Images from Česká pošta.

Technical Specifications:

Catalogue number A1080
Type of stamp Commemorative miniature sheet
Date of issue 16.06.2020
Face value/Price: 122,00 CZK
Size (mm) 40 x 50 mm
Graphic designer Martin Srb
Face value: 2 x „B“ + „E“ + „Z“
Method of printing: Multicoloured Offset

Josef Liesler’s works complemented by Josef Liesler’s signature:

1078 — Jak se Vám líbím, když se šklebím (stamp with letter „B“)

1079 — Variace na staromistrovské téma I (stamp with letter „E“)

1080 — Variace na staromistrovské téma II (stamp with letter „Z“)

Josef Liesler (19 September 1912, Vidolice – 23 August 2005) was a Czech painter, graphic artist, and illustrator. Liesler studied drawing at the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague. He was a member of the “Seven in October” group of graphic artists, the association of artists “Mánes,” and of the association of Czech graphic artists “Hollar.” He was a co-founder of Group 58 and a member of the Radar group of artists. The International Hydrological Decade stamp designed by Josef Liesler won the UNESCO Most Beautiful Stamp Award in 1974. Liesler’s wide-ranging art included painting, fine and applied graphic art, stamp design, illustration. He was clearly inspired by surrealism. His artworks combined fantasy, imagination, memories, current situation as well as historical events.

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