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26 June 2020

GR 20 50th Anniversary

France: GR 20 50th Anniversary, 26 June 2020. Images from Phil-Oeust.

Technical Specifications:

Issue Date on Friday, June 26, 2020
Illustrated obliteration 1st day preview on Friday 26 and Saturday
27 June at: ? Calvi (20) Post Office, Wilson Boulevard, 20260 CALVI .
What’s going on Porto-Vecchio. (20) Post Office, Porto Vecchio 4 Paths, The 4 Doors Bastia Road,
20137 PORTO VECCHIO? Paris (75) at Le Carré d’Encre, 10am-5pm, 13 bis rue des Mathurins, 75009 PARIS.
In view of the exceptional context, the time limit for First Day obliterations is extended for broadcasts from March 1, 2020, from 8 weeks to 6 months.
General sale on Monday, June 29, 2020 Info
Face value: €1.16 See fares as of June 29, 2020
Postage of priority letter up to 20g for France, Monaco, Andorra and postal sectors (army)
Oval stamp – Serration : 13
Total dimensions: 71.5×105 mm
Color In: polychrome
Printed in heliography to Block of 1 stamp
Issued to 350,000 copies

Design and layout of Clémence Monot
Based on © Robert Palomba/ONLYFRANCE.FR photos – STAN FAUTRE / ONLYFRANCE.FR
From photos © Colonel / Alpaca / – Philippe ROYER / Naturimages

The stamp is illustrated by the gr® 20 route, which runs from Calenzana to Conça. On the contours of the block, characteristic elements that one discovers while hiking on the trail, be it the needles of Bavella glowing under the setting sun, the footbridge of Spasimata suspended 15 meters above the river and 31 meters long, vertiginous! And the amazing pozzines of the Coscione plateau that give the illusion of seeing pieces of lawn floating on a body of water. They make the happiness of horses and wild pigs! We also discover at the turn of the road, the sorbier of the birds and the crocuses.

A bit of history
The adventure begins with the test of the backpack. Because, before embarking on the assault of the 180 km of the mythical GR® 20 Corsican, the hiker has every interest to relieve himself of unnecessary weights! Whether you choose Calenzana in the north or Conca in the south, this trail lives up to its reputation: difficult, of course, but of striking beauty. The route – counting sixteen days of walking – taken by more than twenty thousand hikers a year crosses Corsica diagonally, the middle stage being Vizzavona.

The GR® 20 was traced in 1970 in the continuity of the creation of the Corsica Regional Natural Park, which now maintains it, under the combined action of a forest engineer, Guy Degos, and a mountaineer, Michel Fabrikant. Initially reserved for savvy sportsmen, he gradually equipped himself with water and supply points, multiplying the bivouac areas in the sheepfolds or resting in the shelters, such as that of Pietra Piana, the first to see the light of day in 1971. The famous red and white stripe mark-up of the GR® 20 has many surprises in store: a strong sensation on the famous Spasimata bridge suspended 15 m above the void, visual shock of the seven jagged peaks of Bavella needles, green magic of the Coscione plateau, whose greasy grass delights wild pigs, stunning sea views…

The passes follow one another, we follow the ridge lines, we dive with gratitude into a lake, we live to the rhythm of sumptuous sunrises and sunsets, daily reward of the hiker. Whether you’re walking seven hours a day or opting for just a few steps, this legendary “Fra li monti” path (through the mountains) is slowly becoming mesmerized. The GR® 20 always keeps its promise: that of an unforgettable experience.

© – La Poste – Fabienne Azire – All rights reserved
According to Phil@Poste’s press release

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