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22 May 2020

Hydrography in France 300th Anniversary

France: Hydrography in France 300th Anniversary, 22 May 2020. Images from Phil-Ouest.

Technical Specifications:

Issue Date on Friday, May 22, 2020
Illustrated obliteration 1st day in Paris at the “Square of Ink” 13
bis rue des Mathurins 75009 PARIS in Brest at the Post Office, 26 Avenue de Tarente, 29200 BREST (subject to reservations)
General sale on Monday, May 25, 2020 Info
Face value: €2.80 See fares as of May 25, 2020
Postage of 2 priority letters up to 20g internationally
Vertical stamp – Serration : 13
Total dimensions: 143×105 mm
Color In: polychrome
Printed in heliography
Issued to 350,000 copies – see 2020 print runs

Graphic creation by Marion Le Bec
From © Shom.’ photos.

A bit of history

France, measuring the stakes of ocean knowledge at an early age, was the first state to establish a national hydrographic service by creating the Marine Maps and Plans Depot on November 19, 1720. The Depot, first responsible for collecting all the maps and documents useful for navigation, undertook to produce its own sea charts and enjoyed the monopoly of this production as early as 1773. Modern hydrography was born with Beautemps-Beaupré (1766-1854), which developed the principles of methodical and rigorous mapping that earned him his international reputation as the “father of hydrography”.

The French Hydrographic Service, which became the Naval Hydrographic Service in 1886 and Shom in 1971, continues, 300 years later, to be in the service of navigational and defence security. It has since expanded its activities to meet new needs such as the prevention of the risks of submersion, the support of coastal development, the development of marine energies. The Shom (Marine Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service) is today the public reference operator for maritime and coastal geographical information, i.e. the knowledge and description of the marine physical environment in its relations with the atmosphere, with the seabed and the coastal areas. 

To this end, it mobilizes multiple areas of expertise, including the determination of the depth and relief of the seabed (bathymetry), tide and physical oceanography.

© – The Post Office – Shom – All Rights Reserved
According to Phil@Poste’s press release

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