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25 June 2020

EUROPA – Ancient Postal Routes

Ukraine: EUROPA – Ancient Postal Routes, Date TBA. Images from Post Europ (above) and europa stamps blog (below)

UKRAINE – USEP “Ukrposhta”
On foot, with a bag over his shoulder, any time of the year, in any weather and any circumstances – he certainly crossed the moutain path every day, almost 60 kilometers to Uzhgorod and back. Fedir Feketa, a native of the Transcarpathian Turia Remeta, a legendary figure and postman – has been delivering mail for thirty years. He has become a true symbol of “friendliness, sobriety, honesty and obedience”. Initially, in the 19th century on the facade of the local church appeared a plaque with a bas-relief of the village postman. And in 2003 a monument in the Transcarpathian district of Perechyn was built in his honour.

Date of Issue: 25th June 2020
one stamp (Z value = ~26.60 UAH or 1.- USD)
this stamp is issued in a mini sheet of 6 stamps tête-bêche

this stamp is also issued in a booklet of 1 souvenir-sheet of one stamps (Z value = 62.- UAH) – NOTE the stamp from the booklet is bigger than the stamp issue in mini-sheet

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