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09 June 2020

Rural Tourism

(postponed from 5 May 2020)

Luxembourg: Rural Tourism, 9 June 2020. Images from Post Luxembourg.

Technical Specifications:

Stamp price: € 1.85
Drawing / Layout: Eugène Kalmus (L)
Impression : High definition offset in four colors, self-adhesive stamps with perforation and grooving on the back by Gutenberg AG (FL)
Format: 32 x 38 mm, 10 stamps per sheet with decorated edges.

The second issue in the “rural tourism” series once again represents the range of country holidays in Luxembourg. Farm holidays bring new adventures and discoveries, especially for families. Direct contact with cows, horses, sheep and chickens is a highlight, especially for children. The game then allows a living approach to nature. This shared pleasure with the family provides real rest and a real break from everyday life. Just like last year, the Luxembourg graphic designer Eugene Kalmus imagined these two illustrations with his poetic and lively style.

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