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09 June 2020

EUROPA — Ancient Postal Routes

(postponed from 5 May 2020)

Luxembourg: EUROPA – Ancient Postal Routes, 9 June 2020. Images from Post Luxembourg.

Technical Specifications:

Stamp price: € 1.85
Layout: Tom Diederich (L)
Impression: High definition four-color offset by Cartor Security printing, Meaucé La Loupe (F)
Format: 45 x 33 mm, 10 stamps per sheet

This year, the common theme of EUROPA stamps issued by European postal operators (PostEurop) has a direct link with their services, although of a historical nature. Four main routes were established under Charles V in 1516 to improve postal links. One of them, the Vienna route, also passed through Luxembourg. These new postal services were available not only for sovereigns and nobles but also for individuals. At the end of 1680, Luxembourg was included as a branch in the Brussels-Vienna postal route, thus improving mail traffic between Luxembourg and Brussels. In 1701, the postal routes were officially established. Luxembourg thus benefited from postal links with all its neighboring countries.

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