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09 June 2020

Diocese of Luxembourg 150th Anniversary

(postponed from 5 May 2020)

Luxembourg: Diocese of Luxembourg 150th Anniversary, 9 June 2020. Image from Post Luxembourg.

Technical Specifications:

Stamp price: € 0.80
Photo: Archbishopric of Luxembourg
Layout: Ierace Dechmann + Partners (L)
Impression: High definition four-color offset by Bpost Stamps Factory, Mechelen (B)
Format: 38.15 x 48.75 mm, 10 stamps per sheet

Due to the political situation and frequent changes in dependence on other sovereigns, it was not until 1870 that Luxembourg became a diocese. A strong desire to achieve ecclesiastical autonomy manifested itself in 1443, after the conquest of Luxembourg by the Duke of Burgundy, but this met with resistance from the prince-bishops of Liège and Trier. Within the framework of personal union with the Netherlands, the affiliation in 1823 of Luxembourg to the diocese of Namur marked a new stage. After the Treaty of London (1839), a separate apostolic vicariate was created in 1840 for the Grand Duchy amputated from part of its territory. Nicolas Adames finally became the first Bishop of Luxembourg in 1870.

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