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09 June 2020

Art of the Desert


Australia: Art of the Desert, 9 June 2020. Images from Australia Post Stamp Bulletin 365 (May-June 2020).

This issue features works by artists from the Western Desert region. Two were associated with the Wirrimanu (Balgo) community in Western Australia and two with the artists’ cooperative at Papunya Tula, Northern Territory.

Boxer Milner (c. 1935–2009) was a senior lawman and custodian of the Purkitjii (Sturt Creek) area. Milnga-Milnga relates to the Sturt Creek flood plain between the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert. Eubena Nampitjin (c. 1925–2013) was a law woman and artist in the Balgo community. Her art focused on her homelands around Tjintalpa.

Walter Tjampitjinpa (c. 1912–81) was a founder of the Papunya art movement. A senior man and ceremonial leader he was custodian of the Water Dreaming that runs through Kalipimpinpa. Fred Ward Tjungurrayi (c. 1948–) was born at Purkitjarra, east of Kiwirrkura in the Western Desert. He painted with Papunya Tula Artists in the 1980s and works with Kayili Artists at Patjarr.

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1 thought on “New Issues 2020: Australia (Art of the Desert)

  1. Alan Dinnison says:

    The Art of the Desert stamp issue does provide a clear and thorough understanding of the talented Aboriginal culture of Central Australia. Quality original paintings from this stark part of the world.

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