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19 May 2020

Citizen Science

Australia: Citizen Science, 19 May 2020. Images from Australia Post.

Technical Specifications:

Issue date: 19-May-2020
Issue withdrawal date: 31-May-2020
Denomination: $1.10 x 4
Stamp design: Jonathan Chong
Product design: Jo Muré, Australia Post Design Studio
Paper: gummed: Tullis Russell Red Phos
Paper: self-adhesive: Blue PVA
Printer: RA Printing
Printing process: Offset lithography
Stamp size (mm): 37.5 x 26
Perforations: 13.86 x 14.6
Sheet layout: Module of 50
FDI Postmark: Sydney NSW 2000
FDI withdrawal date: 19-August-2020

Citizen science involves public participation and collaboration in scientific research with the aim of increasing scientific knowledge. To be involved in citizen science you don’t need a science degree – anyone can be a citizen scientist!

This stamp issue features four recent citizen science projects from Australia. QuestaGame helps save biodiversity with an innovative gaming application, with players recording species while having fun competing and earning rewards. The Ngukurr Wi Stadi Bla Kantri (We Study the Country) biodiversity project is a cross-cultural collaboration between the remote Indigenous community of Ngukurr in south-east Arnhem Land and Macquarie University. The Butterflies Australia conservation and research project provides citizen scientists with all the information they need to record butterfly sightings. Participants in Zika Mozzie Seeker collect mosquito eggs and send them to Queensland’s Metro South Health for counting and screening for Zika mozzie “DNA” by Queensland Health’s Forensic and Scientific Services.

$1.10 QuestaGame

When playing QuestaGame, the species data recorded by participants is verified by experts and then shared for biodiversity research and conservation. As well as local quests, global competitions are held, as well as university and school challenges.

$1.10 Ngukurr Wi Stadi Bla Kantri

First Nations people were and still are the first scientists of Australia. The Ngukurr Wi Stadi Bla Kantri (We Study the Country) project conducts cross-cultural research by collaboratively re-exploring the biodiversity of south-east Arnhem Land and recording Indigenous and western scientific knowledge.

$1.10 Butterflies Australia

The Butterflies Australia project empowers citizen scientists to record butterfly sightings, the aim of which is improved conservation and research of Australia’s butterflies, protection of Australia’s agriculture industry from potential invasive pest species, and even the discovery of new species.

$1.10 Zika Mozzie Seeker

Most urban areas of Australia are vulnerable to covert invasions by two Zika mosquito species and the subsequent risk of cryptic Zika outbreaks. Zika Mozzie Seeker participants are providing a sustainable and innovative solution to the expansion of urban mosquito surveillance networks, by collecting mosquito eggs in their yards and sending them in for counting and screening. Since 2017, Zika mozzies have not been detected in six rounds of trapping (approximately 240,000 eggs collected from 2,200 traps in 160 suburbs).

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