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Spanish Administration of Andorra

29 May 2020

Universal Women’s Suffrage 50th Anniversary

Spanish Andorra: Universal Women’s Suffrage, 29 May 2020. Images from Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telegrafos, S.A.

Technical Specifications:

Issue date: 29/05/2020
Printing Process: Offset
Paper: Estucado, engomado, fosforescente
Size of stamp: 30 x 30 mm
Size of block sheet: 105,6 x 79,2 mm
No. of stamps per block sheet: 1
Postal value of the stamps: 3,80 € Block
print run: 60.000

ANNIVERSARIES. Women’s suffrage anniversary

“In the light of the needs and legitimate aspirations of the Andorran people, we consider that the time has come to give Andorran women political rights. Taking into account the ever increasing importance of women in the Valleys’ social and economic life, it does not seem appropriate to exclude them from public affairs”. This recognition of the importance of women in the Principality opened the decree of 14 April 1970 which granted Andorran women the right to vote. The decree was the culmination of a long journey towards recognising women as equal to their mail counterparts, as active players in the country’s politics, giving them the same rights as men, who had already been benefiting from universal suffrage since the 1933 Revolution.

The journey began some years previously and, as occurred in other countries, Andorra did not escape the suffrage movements where organised women pressured the authorities to recognise their democratic rights. In Andorra, in May 1967, a group of suffragettes called on all other women to support signature of a appeal, which they wanted to submit to the Consell General, that parliament give them the vote and also the right to stand as candidates. The appeal was signed by three hundred and seventy-eight women over 25 who, due to their age, had the right to sign.

Two years after the appeal was submitted, the Consell General responded with a decree which was expressed in the following terms. In the first place, it recognised women’s right to vote under the same terms as men, a right that they could exercise at the next elections. However, in the second place, it contained a veto on women being elected political representatives of the Andorran people. This remained unchanged until parliament, in an ordinary session on 24 May 1973, resolved to grant Andorran women with full citizenship the right to stand as political candidates.

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