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People’s Republic of China

20 May 2020


People’s Republic of China: Roses, 20 May 2020. Images from China Post.

Release notice

China Post is scheduled to issue a set of 4 “Rose” special stamps on May 20, 2020. Details are as follows:

Symbol: 2020-10
(4-1) T rose 1.20 yuan
(4-2) T single petal pink rose 1.20 yuan
(4-3) T double petal white rose 1.50 yuan
(4-4) T double petal purple rose 1.50 yuan

Stamp specifications: 36 × 36 mm
Perforation degree: 13.5 × 13 degrees
The number of the whole sheet: layout one 16 layout two eight (2 sets)
The whole specification: format one 180 × 200 mm format two 130 × 200 mm
Edition: Offset printing (using local holographic hot stamping, embossing process)
Anti-counterfeiting method: anti-counterfeiting paper anti-counterfeiting ink special-shaped perforated fluorescent inkjet
Designer: Song Jian
Editor in charge: Wen Wenya
Printing Factory: Henan Post and Telecommunication Printing Factory
Planned number of issuance: 8.9 million sets of set-ups, 2.05 million sets

Sales method: from the date of issuance, it will be sold in designated post offices, philately network halls (, China Post mobile client and China Post Micro Post Office Philatelic WeChat Mall, the sale period is 6 months .

Another: special production of “China 2019 World Philatelic Exhibition”, a small double-double sheet, for the members of the National Philatelic Association. Specification for double continuous sheets: 160 × 210 mm. Number of planned releases: 1.85 million.

China Post Group Co., Ltd.
May 9, 2020

Background information

China Post is scheduled to issue a set of 4 “Rose” special stamps on May 20, 2020. The stamp design names are: rose, single-petal pink rose, double-petal white rose, double-petal purple rose, and the full set of stamps has a face value of 5.40 yuan.

Roses are plants of the genus Rosa in the family Rosaceae, with upright shrubs up to 2 meters in height. The flowers are 4 to 5.5 cm in diameter. The flowers are single petals, semi-double petals to double petals, with fragrant aromas and rich colors, ranging from rich fuchsia to elegant pink and white. Wild roses are single-petaled, while cultivars have single-petal, semi-double-petal and double-petal types. Rose is an excellent ornamental plant, its flowers are edible, medicinal, and can also be used as raw materials to extract essence.

Like other plants of the genus Rosa, roses represent love in the flower language.

The stamp design uses decorative techniques to display the “heart” shape of the four roses around the line, with a beautiful posture and colorful colors. At the same time, the silhouettes of love birds such as swallows, mandarin ducks, magpies and swans are incorporated into the background to further interpret The cultural meaning of roses.

This set of stamps is printed by the offset printing process of Henan Post and Telecommunications Press. The three-dimensional bumping process makes the roses on the stamp more vivid. The lovebird pattern in the background is presented in the form of a cold holographic plain surface. The elegant silhouette exudes a soft luster under the light. The color changes with the light and is light and flexible, as if it is shuttled between colorful clouds. The “heart” shaped lines in the stamp gleamed like small diamonds filling it, low-key and fascinating. Stamp printing not only highlights the subject but also creates romance and beauty.

In order to better show the wonderfulness of the “Rose” stamps, China Post will publish the AR stamp animation + online rose on the basis of the paper stamps through the Alipay AR, “China Philatelic Stamp Encyclopedia” WeChat applet AR and other scanned stamp patterns. Digital content of the station. The rose AR animation shows the dynamic process of rose blooming from different viewing angles; the online rose station will be signed with 21 consecutive days and last 99 days of rose planting lottery mini-games and other activities, highlighting the interactivity and fun from multiple dimensions To enhance the audience’s sense of experience and participation, and show the new face of the stamp in all directions and from multiple perspectives.

On January 5, 2020, China Post launched the “520 · Rose” special stamp design competition. This competition is based on the theme of “Love, Post Your Ideas”, “Love, Post Your Life”, “Love, Post Your Sharing”, and is designed for the recruitment of art teachers and students, social design institutions (groups), independent designers, etc. Artwork. The contest has received widespread attention from the society and received more than 300 sets of entries from all over the country. The final design of the special stamp “Rose” was revised by the works of Song Jian, the winner of the “Best Design Award”. (Postal Business Department of China Post Group Co., Ltd.)

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