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People’s Republic of China

17 May 2020

Chinese Classical Literature Masterpiece — Dream of Red Mansions (Series IV)

People’s Republic of China: Chinese Classical Literature Masterpiece — Dream of Red Mansions (Series IV), 17 May 2020. Images from China Post.

Release notice

China Post is scheduled to issue a set of 4 special stamps and a small sheet of “Chinese Classical Literature Masterpiece-” Dream of Red Mansions “(4)” on May 17, 2020. Details are as follows:

  Symbol: 2020-9
(4-1) T Yuanyang anti-marriage 1.20 yuan
(4-2) T Baoqin Lixue 1.20 yuan
(4-3) T three sisters return sword 1.20 yuan
(4-4) T confusing copy garden 1.50 yuan
Leaflet Xiang Yunmian Shao 6 yuan

Stamp specifications: 40 × 54 mm
Perforation degree: 13 degrees
The number of the whole sheet: layout one 16 layout two 8 (2 sets)
The whole specification: format one 190 × 246 mm format two 216 × 144 mm
Sheetlet stamp specifications: 48 x 66 mm
Small sheet size: 138 × 93mm
The degree of small-sized teeth: 13.5 × 13 degrees
Edition: Photograph
Anti-counterfeiting method: anti-counterfeiting paper anti-counterfeiting ink special-shaped perforated fluorescent inkjet
Designer: Xiao Yutian
Layout second trim designer: Xia Jingqiu
Two trim layout of the original painting: Xiao Yutian
Editor in charge: Wang Jing, Qian Zhige
Printing Factory: Beijing Stamp Factory
Planned number of issuance: 9.7 million sets of tickets, 6.1 million sets of 6.1 million copies, 6.6 million sheets

Sales method: from the date of issuance, it will be sold in designated post offices, philately network halls (, China Post mobile client and China Post Micro Post Office Philatelic WeChat Mall, the sale period is 6 months .

Another quartet of postage stamps was made: the finished product specifications were 114 × 164 mm, and the face value was 20.40 yuan. Designer of the Quartet Evening Stamp Fold: Xia Jingqiu. Quartet with Stamp fold of the original painting: Xiao Yutian. Planned issue quantity: 150,000 copies.

In addition: After research, it is decided to adjust the date of issuance of special stamps for “Sustainable Transportation Development”, the specific date will be announced separately.

China Post Group Co., Ltd.
April 28, 2020

Background information

China Post is scheduled to issue a set of 4 special stamps and a small sheet of “Classic Chinese Classics-” Dream of Red Mansions “(4)” on May 17, 2020. The names of the stamp designs are: Mandarin Duck Anti-marriage, Baoqin Lixue, Sanjie Huanjian, and Dumpling Copy Garden. The name of the sheetlet design is: Xiangyun Mian Shao. The face value of the full set of stamps is 11.10 yuan.

“Dream of Red Mansions”, formerly known as “Stone”. The book has 120 times, the first 80 times are written by Cao Xueqin in the Qing Dynasty, and the last 40 times are generally considered to be continued by Gao E. The whole book takes the rise and fall of the four big families Jia, Shi, Wang and Xue as the background, and takes the love and marriage tragedy of Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai as the central clues. In addition, Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu, Wang Xifeng, Xue Baochai, You Sanjie, Qing Wen and many other artistic images with distinctive personalities. The work is large in scale, complete and detailed in structure, skillful in language use, highly ideological and excellent in artistic achievements, reaching the peak of realism in ancient Chinese novels.

This set of stamps is the fourth set of series of stamps of “Classic Chinese Classical Literature-” Dream of Red Mansions “” issued by China Post since 2014, depicting five stories from the 46th to the 74th stories of the novel.

The set of stamps was designed by Xiao Yutian, a famous painter and executive vice president of the Chinese Meticulous Drawing Association. On the basis of being faithful to the original novel, the painter used the creative method of heavy pen color, full-frame composition, simple and delicate colors, and the characters created a vivid image, wonderfully showing the story scene depicted in the original novel.

This set of stamps was printed by the Beijing Stamp Factory photocopying process. (Postal Business Department of China Post Group Co., Ltd.)

Miniature Sheet:

Souvenir Sheet:


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