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28 February 2020

Environment in Greenland (Series IV)

Greenland: Environment in Greenland, 28 February 2020. Images from POST Greenland.

Technical Specifications:

Stamp 01100668/01100669
Environment in Greenland IV/1, 2
Denominations: DKK 18.00, 44.50
Date of issue: 28th February 2020
10 stamps per sheet
Ext. dimensions: 40.00 x 28.50 mm
Format: G – horizontal
Artist: Sissi Møller
Typography: Lowe-Martin Group
Print method: Offset
Paper: Self-adhesive offset, TR4

Environment in Greenland IV. Mint set 2 values. The visual artist Sissi Møller has created two evocative stamps for our series on ‘Environment in Greenland’. As with the six previous stamps in the series, these are also printed offset on self-adhesive paper. Face value / post office price: 62,5 DKK. Date of issue: 28th February 2020. Previous reference: 01100668 / 01100669

Environment in Greenland – Part IV

By Pertti Frandsen

The two stamps in the fourth part of our ‘Environment in Greenland’ series were created by artist Sissi Møller. She is one of the younger personalities on the Greenlandic art scene. These are Sissi’s seventh and eighth stamps for POST Greenland since her stamp début in 2014.

Sissi’s two new stamps are very much inspired by symbols from Greenlandic people’s everyday lives. In Sissi’s own words: “There is movement in the first design, featuring a harpoon, seal and ulo (small knife for scraping skins), as your view is led round, starting from the harpoon. This expresses what I think about sustainability.

The second stamp interacts with the first one, as the bulb symbolises ideas, thoughts, consideration and respect for sea creatures. At the same time, we show respect for what we eat and live off.”

Clean Greenland – a collaborative project with WWF
In partnership with CSR Greenland, WWF is working with a number of Greenlandic companies to reduce their environmental impact. ‘Clean Greenland – Green Companies’ is, therefore, a three-year collaborative project that is supported by the Government of Greenland.

The project aims to reduce the environmental impact of participating companies. There is a focus on helping participating companies to communicate their environmental initiatives and results to employees, customers, authorities, media and other stakeholders.

The aim is to ensure that participating companies should become trendsetters and affect the development of Greenlandic society and the way we look at environmental challenges.

To find out more, visit and

About the Artist
Sissi Møller was born in 1984 and grew up in Nuuk. She qualified in 2014 from Copenhagen’s School of Art and then qualified at the Greenlandic School of Art in Nuuk.

She held a large solo exhibition in Copenhagen in 2013. She has also participated in various group exhibitions in Copenhagen, Nuuk, Helsinki and Berlin.

Sissi Møller works in formats such as acrylic on canvas, collage, photography, body and sculptures. She has previously worked extensively with portraits. In recent years, she has become interested in abstraction and non-figurative painting methods, experimenting in the processes surrounding life, movement and transparency.

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