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22 March 2020

World Water Day — Lake Rama

Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian Administration): World Water Day – Lake Rama, 22 March 2020. Images from Hrvatska pošta Mostar.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Number: 532
Kind: Suitable
Motive: Lake Ram
Author: Damir Mišura
Size: 35.50 x 25.56 mm
Printing: AKD doo Zagreb
Paper: White, 102 g, rubberized
Perforation: Comb 14
Value: 1,80 KM
Day One: 3/22/2020
Arak: 8 marks
Circulation: 10,000 series

March 22 is declared by the General Assembly of the United Nations to be World Water Day to draw attention to problems related to water and water resources. A higher standard of living has led to an increase in water consumption and an increase in wastewater discharged into nature. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the rare countries in the world that has significant reserves of drinking water. It is therefore necessary to constantly emphasize its value and prevent pollution of water resources.

The beautiful Ram Lake is located in the north of Herzegovina, in the area of ​​Prozor – Rama Municipality. This artificial reservoir, created in 1968, is bounded by the cornice of the mountain ranges of Radusa, Makljen, Ljubuša and Vrana. Its surface is about 1,500 ha, its maximum length is 12 kilometers, its maximum depth is about 95 meters, while water oscillations are up to 55 meters.The water coming into the lake is extremely clean and of excellent quality. The main water course is the Rama River, which emanates from two strong springs, a summer spring that is constantly active and a winter spring that occurs during heavy rainfall and snowmelt. The Rama River receives the main water supply from the right tributaries Buk and Krupić and left tributaries Brodac, Slatina and Sopot. In addition to these, there are many smaller springs, some of which dry in the summer. Rama Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. The islands and peninsulas are of particular beauty, the most famous being the peninsula Shtit on which the Franciscan monastery Rama – Shtit is located.

Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued 2 commemorative postage stamps in an 8-stamp sheet, a stamp and a First Day Cover (FDC). Stamps and related materials can also be purchased online at

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