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02 April 2020

International Children’s Books Day

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croat Administration: International Children’s Books Day, 2 April 2020. Images from Hrvatska pošta Mostar.

Technical Specifications:

Brand Number: 534
Species: commemorative
Motive: International Children’s Book Day
Author: Antonia Zeljko Cavar
Size: 35.50 x 25.56 mm
Press: AKD doo Zagreb
Paper: White, 102 g, rubberized
Perforation: Comb 14
Value: 1,10 KM
First day: 02/04/2020.
Arak: 8 stamps + 1 vignette
Edition: 20,000 pieces

The birthday of the most famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen has been chosen to mark International Children’s Book Day . The goal of celebrating this day is to develop a love of reading in children to help maintain this habit throughout their lives. Andersen’s fairy tales are based on folklore literature and have been translated into more than 80 languages ​​worldwide.

Every child needs to have access to different books as reading expands knowledge, and the more knowledge we have, the more prepared we are to respond to life’s challenges. We enhance vocabulary and the ability to speak well is enhanced. According to some studies, reading people have more developed mental abilities and better memory. They are more relaxed and content with their lives.

Children whose parents read books at bedtime developed a penchant for reading even into adulthood. It is especially important to read books aloud to children from an early age, which is associated with a sense of comfort and a strengthening of family ties. It is recommended to start with shorter poems and numbers, then picture books and children’s books. It is important to read every day because reading is fun, it is a source of pleasure and wealth for life.

Croatian Post Ltd. Mostar has issued a commemorative postage stamp in an 8-stamp sheet + vignette, stamp and first day envelope (FDC). Stamps and related materials can also be purchased online at

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