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29 April 2020

Navigating History — Endeavour’s Voyage 250th Anniversary

Australia: Navigating History – Endeavour Voyage 250th Anniversary, 29 April 2020. Images from Australia Post.

Technical specifications

Issue date: 29-April 2020
Denomination: 5 x $1.10
Stamp and product design: Gilimbaa Creative Agency
Printer RA
Paper (s/a): Tullis Russell Red Phos. (Arconvert Securpost MC90)
Printing process: Offset lithography
Stamp size: 26mm x 75mm
Presentation sheetlet size: 170mm x 210mm
Sheetlet of 5 (gummed): 170mm x 100mm
Perforations 14.6 x 13.86
Sheet layout: Sheetlet of 5
National postmark: Botany NSW 2019

A cut down section of the presentation sheetlet of stamps is used on the first day cover for this stamp issue.

The Navigating History stamp issue marks the 250th anniversary of the first Pacific voyage of HMS Endeavour, the first recorded ship to make andfall on the east coast of the continent now called Australia. Among those on board were the captain, Lieutenant James Cook, naturalists Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander, and artist Sydney Parkinson.

For several months from April 1770, they charted the east coast, collecting and sketching the floraand fauna. The continent was subsequently claimed for the British crown on the basis that it was terra nullius, or empty land. Of course, this was a fallacy, as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples had been living on the land for at least 60,000 years.

This stamp issue commemorates the Endeavour’s voyage while recognising that Australia has a much older, rich and continuing Indigenous history at its heart. The stamps are conceived as five vertical pairs, representing the overlapping narratives of the Endeavour voyage and Indigenous culture and knowledge. The visual narrative aims to create respect, insight and understanding of the multiple stories, lives and cultures that intersected at the time of the Endeavour’s first Pacific voyage.

The denomination on the stamps in each pair provides for the $1.10 base-rate of postage with the pairs presented as semi-imperforate. This is the first such design by Australia Post and it is anticipated that this should be of interest to collectors.

Navigation: 55c James Cook and 55c Southern Cross

Voyages: 55c Endeavour and 55c Map of Australia

Land: 55c Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and 55c James Cook, resting

Science and botany: 55c Banksia and 55c Banks and Solander

The journey continues: 55c The Torres Strait and 55c Compass

Miniature Sheet:

The gummed sheetlet contains 5 x $1.10 stamps from the Navigating History: Endeavour Voyage 250 Years stamp issue. This unusual presentation of the $1.10 stamps sees the denomination halved and placed as design pairs of .55c.

Presentation Pack:

The Navigating History: Endeavour Voyage 250 Years sheetlet pack contains the sheetlet of 5 x $1.10 stamps from the stamp issue presented in high quality folder.

Self-Adhesive Booklet of 5:

Maximum Cards:

Postal Numismatic Cover:

The postal numismatic cover is highly collectable, featuring a pictorial envelope with the Voyages stamp from the Navigating History: Endeavour Voyage 250 Years stamp issue and a coin from the Perth Mint. The stamp is postmarked – First day of issue | 29 April 2020 | Botamy NSW 2019

PNC Issue: 2020 Issue 5, limited to 6,500

Coin details
PNC issue date: 2020
Mint: The Perth Mint
Denomination: $1
Weight: 13.6g
Diameter: 30.7mm
Finish: Uncirculated

Stamp and Medallion Cover:

This stamp and medallion cover is very limited collectable, featuring a pictorial envelope with the ‘The journey continues’ stamp from the Navigating History: Endeavour Voyage 250 Years stamp issue and related medallion. The stamp is postmarked – First day of issue | 29 April 2020 | Botany NSW 2019

Limited to 2,000.

Medallion details
Metal: Zinc Alloy
Weight: 53g
Diameter: 60mm
Thickness: 4.2mm
Finish: Antique nickel

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