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24 March 2020

Mass Rapid Transit (Integrated Mode) Jakarta

Indonesia: Mass Rapid Transit (Intergrated Mode) Jakarta, 24 March 2020. Images from Filateli.

794/5000 “Indonesia drilled underground tunnels with Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) drills made by the Japan Tunnel System Corporation. Remarkably, the drilling machine was able to grind the ground and install concrete ring-shaped segments at the same time to withstand the pressure from outside the tunnel well. The pride of the Indonesian tunnel structure is expected to last up to 100 years or more. Not only underground lines, Jakarta MRT also crosses elevated lines built based on the Direct Fixation Track with Anti-Vibration Sleeper Structure. The overpass has a three-dimensional component called Synthetic Rubber so that the train can go smoothly without sounding “.

Special Stamps & Articles of Philately Series : Moda Raya Integrated Issue Date : March 24, 2020.

The Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (Moda Raya Terpadu Jakarta) or Jakarta MRT is a rapid transit system in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

The system is operated by PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda), a municipally owned perseroan terbatas of the city of Jakarta. Phase 1 of the project (Lebak Bulus to Bundaran HI) was officially opened on 24 March 2019. It operates 285 trips daily from 5 AM until midnight, with 5 minutes headway.

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