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13 March 2020

National Volunteer Week

Slovenia: National Volunteer Week, 13 March 2020. Images from Posta Slovenije and eBay.

Release date: 13.3.2020
Design: Zlatko Drčar
Motive: National Volunteer Week
Print: Agencija za komercijalnu djelatnost d.o.o., Zagreb, Croatia
Technique: Štiribarvni ofset v bloku z 1 znamko
Papir: Tullis Russell Chancellor Litho PVA RMS GUM, 102 g/m2
Perforation: Comb 14 : 14

National Volunteer Week

Voluntary work (work performed for the good of others or for the general good without the expectation of material benefits in return) has a long tradition in Slovenia and is an important social corrective. From 25 to 31 May 2020, voluntary work association Slovenska Filantropija is organising the twenty-first edition of National Volunteer Week, with events taking place in various parts of Slovenia. It aims to CELEBRATE volunteering, to give volunteers an opportunity to GET TOGETHER, to LINK voluntary organisations and PRESENT volunteering, voluntary organisations and voluntary work to the general public, and to THANK volunteers for their contribution to a better society.

A special ceremony on 25 May 2020 will see the formal presentation of awards to volunteers, employees in the public administration, schools and school boarding houses/dormitories, municipalities that actively promote volunteering, and the mentors of volunteers. The main event of National Volunteer Week is Happy Volunteering Day, on 27 May 2020, when voluntary organisations from all over Slovenia present their activities in the centre of Ljubljana.

Sabrina Lever, Slovenska Filantropija

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