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01 April 2020

Traditional Costumes — Accessories and Decorations (Definitives)

Austria: Traditional Costumes – Accessories and Decorations Definitives, 1 April 2020. Images from Post AG.

Permanent stamp issues
Series “Traditional Costumes – Accessories and Decoration”
The new postage stamp series by Austrian Post is dedicated to a popular and traditional topic, which in the Austrian culture plays a major role: the traditional costumes.
Nominal values: 0.05 euros 0.10 euros 0.85 euros 1.00 euros 1.35 euros 1.75 euros 1.80 euros 2.10 euros 2.75 euros 4.30 euros
Issue date: April 1st, 2020
Stamp size: 25 x 25 mm
Graphic design: Anita Kern
Printing: Joh.Enschedé Stamps B.V., offset printing
Support: on rolls or sets as required

Astrachan Cap (Seewinkel, Burgenland)
The warm cap is made from the fur of the Karakullamm.
Coils of 50 and 2000

Wheel Bonnet (Bodensee, Vorarlberg)
The magnificent hoods made of lamé lace are created manually.
Coils of 50 and 2000

Festival Chaplet (Stinatz, Burgenland)
The bridal wreath is made with flowers, pearls and decorated with ribbons.
Coils of 100 and 2000

Hat with Chamois Wheel (Ausseerland, Styria)
The gold embroidered G popular jewelry.
Booklets of 10.

Chain with Pocket Watch (Montafon, Vorarlberg)
The silver watch chain complements the Montafon festive costume for women.
Booklets of 4.

Fiaker Hat (Vienna)
The typical melon of the Viennese Fiaker has its origin in London.
Booklets of 25.

Choker (Innviertel, Upper Austria)
The necklace consists of tight fitting silver chains and a large clasp.
Booklets of 50.

Quiver Bag (Salzburg)
The artful leather bags are made using a wooden mold.
Booklets of 4.

Laced Boots (Gailtal, Carinthia)
The laced, calf-high traditional boots are artfully embroidered.
Booklets of 4.

Penknife (Ybbstal, Lower Austria)
The small foldable pocket knife has a deer antler handle.
Booklets of 50.

Quill Embroidery (East Tyrol)
Few master the high art the embroidery with peacock feathers.
Booklets of 4.

Knee Socks (Ennstal, Styria)
The elaborate pattern of the sockets also serve for communication.
Booklets of 4.

Gunman Hat (Pitztal, Tyrol)
The white cock feathers symbolize the daring of the shooters.
Booklets of 4.

Skirt Pocket (Salzkammergut, Upper Austria)
The oak leaves turn up in light green Quilted pockets and lapels.
Booklets of 4.

Hunting Knife (Innergebirg)
The handles of the artful hunting knife consist of stag horn.
Booklets of 25.

Round Beard (Ausseerland, Styria)
The big hat decoration is still today worn during traditional costumes.
Booklets of 4.

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