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30 April 2020

Hilma af Klint

Sweden: Hilma af Klint, 30 April 2020. Images from PostNord Sverige AB.

Booklet , 5 stamps, 5 motifs, SEK 22
Roll stamp , 100 pcs / roll, 1 motif, home letter.

Release date: April 30, 2020
Artwork: Hilma af Klint
Design: Eva Wilsson
Colors: 5 colors + 1 priority offset
Paper: Self-adhesive. Souvenir sheet rubberized.
Booklet stamps format: 26.5 x 36.6 mm
Roll stamps format: 26.5 x 36.6 mm
Souvenir sheet format: 157 x 130 mm
Souvenir sheet stamp: 26.8 x 36.5 mm

The artistry of Hilma af Klint (1862–1944) continues to fascinate. Her abstract painting was well ahead of its time, and when her paintings were first shown 20 years after her death, they attracted considerable attention. She is now regarded as a progenitor in abstract art.

The stamps in the booklet show five of her paintings that are included in the series “the ten largest”, no. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7. The paintings describe the life course of man from childhood to old age.

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