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30 April 2020

Active Leisure

Sweden: Active Leisure, 30 April 2020. Image from PostNord Sverige AB.

Booklet , 10 stamps, 5 motifs, domestic letter.

Release date: April 30, 2020
Illustration: Jesús Verona
Design: Jesús Verona
Colors: 4 colors offset
Paper: Self-adhesive
Format bookmarks: 36.6 x 26.5 mm

Colorful, action-packed motifs showing some popular activities, some that have long been familiar and a few newcomers. How about a kayak trip? Glide peacefully across the water and get close to nature. Do you prefer to whoosh through town on a skateboard/longboard, or are you crazy about Padel. All motifs work equally well for those who need postage for domestic letters up to 50 grams.

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