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07 May 2020

Microscopic Art

Switzerland: Microscopic Art, 7 May 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

Microscopic art, Set
Product number A314150

Set (2 stamps, postage value CHF 1.85), gummed, mint

CHF 1.85 incl. VAT

valid within Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Release date: 07.05.2020

Artist Martin Oeggerli explores unknown worlds in his work and enables people to see things in ways they have never experienced before. Two of his images of the microscopic world now adorn a pair of particularly beautiful stamps. The artist, who has a doctorate in molecular biology, uses a scanning electron microscope to capture subject matter such as pollen, fleas and invisible tiny leaf landscapes. He then transitions into his role as artist: with painstaking precision, he colours the black-and-white original photographs down to the finest detail. The results are precise, colourful and large-format depictions of an exotic and generally unknown microscopic world. His images are published in prestigious specialist magazines and exhibited internationally.

The one-franc stamp features a petal from the artist’s partner’s favourite rose. The original version of the art print measures 1.80 × 1.35 metres. The second piece depicts the tiny pollen of the forget-me-not. “Once I realized that it was in the same size range as bacteria, I was finally able to capture an image of the smallest pollen in the world,” explains the multi-award-winning artist.

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