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07 May 2020

Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation 50th Anniversary

Switzerland: Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation 50th Anniversary, 7 May 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation, Single stamp
Product number A312150

Single stamp of CHF 1.00, gummed, mint

CHF 1.00 incl. VAT

valid within Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Release date: 07.05.2020

The Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation established by Pro Natura and the Swiss Heritage Society in 1970 aims to conserve, maintain and enhance Swiss landscapes worthy of protection. This also includes drystone walls. The Foundation for Landscape Conservation is a not-for-profit organization. It protects and promotes the natural and cultural values of the landscape or attempts to restore them. Landscape is defined in many different ways: it can be seen as something that creates a sense of identity, or as a distinct, self-contained region, or as an area whose character has been created by natural or human influence or interaction.

The Foundation will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2020. The special stamp issued to mark this event shows a drystone wall in Val Bregaglia. The method of building walls from natural and quarry stone without using mortar has an extremely long tradition in Switzerland and shapes landscapes from the vineyards on Lake Geneva to mountain farmland in Graubünden. This makes it a culturally significant technique. Ensuring this tradition is not lost is one of the many aims of the Swiss Foundation for Landscape Conservation.

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