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06 April 2020

COVID-19 Solidarity (Semi-Postal Sheetlet)

Switzerland: COVID-19 Solidarity Semi-Postal Sheetlet, 6 April 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

COVID-19 Solidarity, Sheetlet
Product number: A344311
Sheetlet with 10 stamps of CHF 1.00+5.00 donation, gummed, mint
In stock
Delivery within 1 to 2 working days
Deliverable to: Worldwide
Delivery of this item may be delayed
CHF 50.00
valid within Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Product Specification
Product form: Sheetlets
Quantity: 10
Value: 1 CHF
Self-adhesive: No
Subject: COVID-19 Solidarity
Stamped: Uncancelled

From the Swiss Post product page:

Joining forces for Switzerland. Help us to help others!

The “COVID-19 Solidarity” stamp reflects Swiss Post’s commitment to the cohesion of our society. Proceeds will go to Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross. It is a way for you to support those in urgent need of help.

Every day, countless staff at Swiss Post work to ensure the provision of essential services. Swiss Post is issuing a stamp to promote solidarity during the coronavirus crisis. All proceeds from sales of the stamps will be split between Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross.

The stamp was created at very short notice and designed by Berne-based studio Nulleins Kommunikationsdesign. The graphic design professionals designed the stamp at a safe distance from their home offices.

The stamp symbolizes solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic: with Switzerland at the center, while the rotated cross reveals a shining globe.

It will only cost the surcharge of 500 cents per stamp, while Swiss Post will bear the face value of 100 cents.

Help us to help others! By purchasing these stamps, you are showing solidarity together with Swiss Post: you donate 50 francs, while Swiss Post gives you stamps worth 10 francs.

From the Swiss Post press release, dated 6 April 2020.  The stamp sheetlet was available immediately after the announcement was made to the press.

Press releases

Solidarity stamp: proceeds will go to people who need help now

Swiss Post is sending its own signal of solidarity and trust – with the “COVID-19 Solidarity” stamp. The stamp’s motif reflects the unique solidarity we are experiencing in these days and weeks in Switzerland. The stamp itself also makes a tangible contribution to such mutual support: all proceeds will go to people who urgently need help now. The money will be split between Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross.


Thousands of Swiss Post staff are working night and day to maintain essential services for people and companies. They are helping to keep Switzerland together – even in these extraordinary times. We are experiencing the same thing in many areas of our daily lives: healthcare staff, truck drivers, bus drivers, retail workers, military personnel, farmers – they are all doing incredible work for us. The levels of solidarity we are seeing in Switzerland are enormous and unique.

Swiss Post aims to pay tribute to this mutual support with the “COVID-19 Solidarity” stamp. The stamp will serve as a reminder of such assistance long after this difficult time is over. But it is also a tangible example of solidarity, providing support for people in Switzerland who need immediate help.

Proceeds to go to people who need help urgently

The individual stamps cost 5 francs and are available as a 10-stamp sheet for 50 francs. Those 50 francs will go to people who are in urgent need of assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic. All proceeds will be split fifty-fifty between Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross. Swiss Post is also covering the actual face value of the one-franc stamp. In other words: the purchaser donates 50 francs to Swiss Solidarity and the Swiss Red Cross, and in return Swiss Post gives them 10 stamps.

A motif for solidarity – joining forces, yet keeping our distance – to defeat the virus

The stamp is a visual symbol of solidarity during the coronavirus epidemic. With Switzerland at the center, the rotated cross reveals a shining globe. Solidarity and social cohesion are core values at the moment. We can combat the virus by joining forces, yet keeping our distance. The motif was designed in just six days. Several graphic artists designed the stamp from their home offices – joining forces, yet keeping their distance.

The “COVID-19 Solidarity” stamps can be ordered immediately as a sheet of 10 stamps for 50 francs at or via the telephone number: 0848 66 55 44.


Media Spokesperson, Denise Birchler, 058 341 10 55,

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