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07 May 2020

Animal Families

Switzerland: Animal Families, 7 May 2020. Images from Swiss Post.

Animal families, Set
Product number A313150
Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 5.35), self-adhesive, mint
CHF 5.35
valid within Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Release date: 07.05.2020

Four special stamps are being issued under the heading “Animal families”, featuring touching animal images captured by four different photographers. Goosander (0.85): Goosander families are very mobile. Werner Deppeler photographed a mother – the females can be recognized by their reddish-brown heads – with two fledglings. The hatch contains seven to 14 eggs. The youngsters can fly after 60 to 70 days. Marmot (1.00): Our marmots – captured here by the camera of Peter Grischott – live in large families. The gestation period is 30 days, and the litter size is two to five offspring. After two to three years, some of the young leave their home to establish their own colony. Lynx (1.50): The female lynx gives birth to two to four offspring who stay with her for around ten months. The young animals then look for their own territory. Manfred Stutz managed to immortalize the two cats in a family moment. Ibex (2.00): Fabian Fopp is the photographer who caught this tender image. Young ibex can walk from their very first day. They are suckled for four to six months. The father is not usually present during this period – he stays with the herd only during the mating season in winter.

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